Rugged, reliable VHF transceiver with excellent radio parameters and easy operation.

DICOM®RF13 transceiver enables communication in 30 MHz to 88 MHz band with selectable output power of up to 5 W and frequency modulation. Voice operation in the above frequency band is compatible with the operation of all VHF radio transceivers previously used in the Czech Army and all other armies (STANAG 4204).

The transceiver set consists of the transceiver and accessories for standard operation modes. These accessories can be carried along with the transceiver in a bag while in operation. Thus protected set can be transported without being damage by rail, trucks, tracked vehicles and aircraft.

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Operation modes

Operation modes

In addition to voice communication, the following modes of operation are available:

  • SCANNING - priority scanning of preset channels. Detection of RF signal at the receiver input in preset channels, its short interception and option tuning to a different frequency.
  • FLASH messages – sending of a three-digit code to one radio network user, group or all users.
  • Selective communication – voice operation between two specific transceivers (the others cannot hear).
  • Semi-duplex operation – operation on the channel with different receiving and transmitting frequencies. Basis of automatic rebroadcasting.
  • Communication via internal encryption unit - secured communication (only transceivers with the same encryption unit code).
  • Data operation - data from external modems, transfer rate up to 16 kbit/s.

Control and operational options

Control and operational options
  • Control from the front panel or via the handset.
  • Whisper mode operation.
  • Programming from keypad, fillgun or cloning.
  • Setting up own transceiver address.
  • Three user access levels.
  • Up to nine preset channels and storing all parameters into memory.
  • Quick erasure of all operating data.
  • Internal BITE test.



RF13 design makes it waterproof to a depth of 1 m and guarantees sufficient mechanical resistance to falls when used as manpack and also against vibrations and shocks in vehicles.

Recommended set components and accessories

Recommended set components and accessories
  • RF13.1 battery pack
  • AS1301 0.5 m tape antenna
  • AL13 1.5 m tape antenna
  • RF13.8 hang-up antenna
  • RF13.2 handset with controls
  • Manpack bag
  • Light fabric cover
  • Carrying straps
  • Extension cable, 10 m
  • Spare parts kit

Technical parameters

Technical parameters
  Frequency range   30.00 MHz to 87.975 MHz
  Channel spacing   25 kHz
  Number of operating channels   2320
  Modulation   frequency, max. 5.6 kHz deviation
  Transmitter power   5 W nominal
  0.2 W reduced 
  Receiver sensitivity   better than 0.5 μV at 12 dB SINAD
  Power supply voltage   12 V
  Operating time powered from
  RF13.1 battery pack
  min. 14 hours
  Operating temperature range   -30 °C to +60 °C
  Transceiver dimensions
  with the battery pack
  82.5 mm x 204.5 mm x 254 mm
  Weight   max. 2.7 kg (without power
  supply and accessories)
  Weight of the complete portable set
  in a bag, including spare battery pack
  < 11.5 kg