RF1350 mobile set with RF output power of up to 50 W is designed for installation in all tracked and wheeled vehicles or at permanent posts.

The RF1350 mobile set consists of the RF13 transceiver, ZV13.1 50W amplifier and other accessories according to user needs. All components are interconnected and mounted in a frame.

The mobile set offers all features of the RF13 transceiver. Thanks to the ten-times higher output power of the ZV13.1 amplifier, the transceiver range is greatly increased (normally up to 25 km) and the built-in modem allows data operation.

The modular concept allows us to create original variants for various vehicle platforms. The resulting design is influenced by many factors. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure the functionality and manageability of the system. For example, if the vehicle is equipped with another VHF transceiver, choose an assembly with a co-site filter that significantly reduces mutual interference between the transceivers. It is also necessary to take into account the specificities of the spatial structure and mechanical influences at the installation site (vibrations, shocks). All components have standardized dimensions based on the RF13 transceiver module, which also increases the variability of available sets. Frame design allows for quick and easy removal of the transceiver from the assembly and its deployment as a portable transceiver.

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Basic operational characteristics shared with the RF13

Basic operational characteristics shared with the RF13
  • voice operation in the tactical range of 30 MHz to 88 MHz,
  • 2320 channels, 9 presets,
  • priority preset channel scanning,
  • transmission of FLASH coded messages,
  • selective communication,
  • semi-duplex operation,
  • communication via built-in encryption unit.

Specific characteristics of the RF1350 set

Specific characteristics of the RF1350 set
  • RF output power up to 50 W,
  • power supply from 27 V nominal voltage grids,
  • loud monitoring of received signal,
  • step volume control,
  • data transfers at the maximum rate of 16 kbit/s.

Other set components

Other set components

Transceivers and amplifiers can be complemented with some of the following accessories:

  • AF13 co-site filter
  • Mounting frames
  • Mobile antennas
  • Cables
  • Headsets and handsets

Specific designs depend on the user requirements and/or installation options.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters
  Frequency range   30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz
  Input/output impedance   50 Ω
  Channel spacing   25 kHz
  Number of operating channels   2320
  Modulation   frequency, max. 5.6 kHz deviation 
  RF output power     0.2 W reduced
  5 W nominal
  50 W increased
  Receiver sensitivity   0.5 μV at 12 dB SINAD
  Data transfer rate in the radio channel   max. 16 kbit/s
  Supply voltage   27 V
  Supply voltage range   18 V to 33 V
  Current consumption   reception...0.5 A/27 V
  transmission 5 W...1.3 A/27 V
  transmission 50 W...8 A/27 V
  Operating temperature range   -30 °C to +60 °C