In-house development and expert cooperation

In-house development and expert cooperation

We rely on a solid base of our own research and development department.

Our continuously operating team has developed and launched 3 generations of tactical communication systems that reliably serve 25 militaries and police forces around the world.

Altogether, we have developed, tested and put into production 250 types of products.

Excellent cooperation between designers and technologists allows us to respond to specific customer requirements at short notice.

In our development efforts, we cooperate with foreign experts in the field of tactical communications. Our longstanding partner, the company Rohde & Schwarz, is one of the global leaders in radio communication technology.


We use cutting-edge technologies

We use cutting-edge technologies

Therefore, our products prove their worth in extreme conditions.

In our design, we use a 3D CAD system whose tools streamline the design process and subsequent creation of data for manufacturing.

Mechanical parts are manufactured on machines that work with the accuracy needed for special technology components. The manufacturing process makes use of conventional machine tools, numerically controlled milling machines, electric discharge machining and laser marking.

The bulk of our PCBs is mounted on SMD machines. Our advanced multipurpose surface mounting machine allows simultaneous mounting of different types of boards. The equipment has a self-diagnostic system and the individual steps of the mounting process are evaluated statistically. Our workshop is also equipped with semiautomatic machines, automatic optical inspection benches and other facilities for inspection and repairs.

Conventional parts are mounted on printed circuit boards manually.

Production of cable connections is technologically demanding – it requires the use of special thermal knives, tweezers, mechanical and pneumatic crimping pliers and hot air guns.


Thorough inspection and testing

Thorough inspection and testing

From development to purchasing, manufacturing to sales and service, requisite checks and tests are carried out.

All purchased electrical components and mechanical components are subject to thorough input control. Purchased PCBs undergo a 100% visual inspection before mounting. The manufacturing process includes in-process control of machine production, mechanical assembly and electronics assembly. Each product is subjected to complex functional, mechanical and climatic tests – stressing by heat, cold, humidity, vacuum and pressure, shock and vibration. Products are designed for tough operating conditions, therefore they are seasoned in extreme temperatures under working conditions before delivery. The last level of control is 100% final inspection of finished products at automated test benches. Final inspection carried out under the supervision of the Government Quality Assurance Representative (GQAR) or the customer is no exception. The testing system includes complete type tests of products according to their technical specifications in the phase of prototype production, test series and serial production.

60 years of experience in radio communications

60 years of experience in radio communications

Over 20 years of specializing in tactical communications.

Until the end of 2015, we have operated on the market under the name of DICOM. Within the unification of the corporate identity of all MESIT Group companies, we changed our name to MESIT defence on January 1, 2016.

DICOM trademark appeared on military and aviation products in 1993. DICOM was established in that year. As a subsidiary of MESIT holding, it continued the successful work of its predecessor, the development department of MESIT that has developed several generations of aircraft radios and radio navigation systems.

In 1994, we launched the serial production of DICOM RF13 transceiver. Over 9,000 portable sets with accessories are still in operation.

In 1998, we finished joint development of R150 transceiver series in collaboration with Rohde&Schwarz. Its parameters rank it among the best products in its category worldwide.

We entered the era of consistent digitalization in military communications and command with the RF20 production program. This system and its accessories are used by military and police forces in 25 countries.

We are currently expanding the portfolio of elements within the DICOM RF40 system and our cooperation in manufacturing and development with ROHDE&SCHWARZ continues as well.


Good communication with customers

Good communication with customers

Product delivery is not the end to our collaboration with customers.

We provide our customers with technical and methodological support throughout the lifetime of the delivered equipment. In addition to the elaborate system of warranty and post-warranty repairs, we also inform our customers of the latest news and we provide further training in operation and maintenance of our systems.

Our sales representatives and product managers ensure that customers receive all the relevant information without delays. Our contracts and any re-contracts are maintained in scheduled cycles.

Our production of promotional, methodical and instructional materials is also extensive.